We create our tomorrow by what we choose today. Common sense wellness is simple, maybe not easy. Your choice … be healthy by choice, not by chance.

Welcome and thank you for checking out my personal webpage. My name is Debbie Davis, and am so happy you are taking the time out of your busy life to read my story, and consider this Nikken wellness journey for yourself. I was first introduced to Nikken at a very busy time in my life in 1999. Working and studying 7 days per week, I was putting myself through school full-time to get my bachelors degree, going to massage school, and working four part-time jobs. One of those jobs was as an assistant supervisor and lift operator at our local Mt Shasta ski park. One day as I was snowboarding, I bent over to release my snowboard bindings, and my back froze in the L position. I couldn’t stand up; couldn’t get myself off the mountain, and had to have ski patrol assist me. I was taken to the doctor, and was given heavy narcotics, and told there was nothing they could do for me – doc said, “just check back in several days or sooner if it got worse.”
It wasn’t long before word got out about my injury, and two of my girlfriends showed up at my front door with a huge black bag. They joyously came into my home, and believed they could help me. Since the doctor was only able to prescribe narcotics, and those side effects weren’t a solution to my injury. In agonizing pain, I was willing to try anything else. They put me on a magnetic pad & pillow, and invited me to experience a Nikken Japanese Rollout. The ladies rolled a magnetic roller up & down my back, turned me over, placed a magnetic eye mask and infrared comforter on me, and said, “we will check on you in the morning.” By morning, I felt remarkably better, so good that I was back to work on light duty in 3 days.
I made a decision to invest in all of the energy products to make my home a wellness home. I now live in a home with nature’s natural energies, kind of like bringing nature into my home, and my body loves it. After a few months on the sleep system, not only had my back been helped, but my hands were helped too. I surprisingly noticed I was no longer experiencing a chronic pain & numbness in my hands. To be saved from the countless sleepless nights over 15 years, that I spent in agony, was and is a miracle. What occurred to me a few months after being on the sleep system, was that it is normal to enjoy a deep nights sleep. Waking up feeling refreshed, invigorated and renewed is normal! And now I feel like this every day.
Creating a network of people helping people. These points of distribution are one of the things I love about my Nikken circles. The sincere caring of all that I work with, has helped me to embrace this great cause of Nikken, and to feel the love of this Nikken family.  Over the years, I have helped others across the United States get what their body has needed to heal itself through the natural energies of the Nikken products. And, I continue to share this message – that there is another way to experience good health, and wellness (which is not getting sick). When I find myself letting life keep me busier than is healthy, I always step back, take some good quiet Debbie time, and I remind myself, “who am I not helping because I didnt open up my mouth, and share Nikken.” This is another way to live, and I am grateful it found me through my friends who cared enough about me, to come over and share it with me. I do hope you will join us. Enjoy & Be Well!

We are being exposed to toxins alarmingly in our homes, where we are suppose to be safe, and feel safe. However, what we cannot see, can hurt us. Simply Choose Wellness.

Better Way with Dr. Peter Goldberg : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HqOKajmvH1K2K09rw5AwYovhvQpTGn1z/view?usp=drive_web

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