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Filters & Parts

Waterfall Components

All of our water filtration products will need to have their filters replaced. Each product has it’s own suggested replacement cycle. However, the replacement will be dependent upon two things: one is the quality of the water that you are passing through the system, and the other is how often you are using your system. Ultimately, it is how the water tastes. These replacement parts are considered consumable, and can be placed on autoship to receive an automatic shipment on a regular schedule, and a 25% discount. You decide what works best for you.

The shower filter product comes in both hand held and wall mount designs. The filter replacement is different for each model. Hand held filter is on the left, and wall mount filter is on the right. Autoship is available to automatically ship on a regular basis.

The handheld model’s filter replacement schedule is every 3 months, while the wall mount filter replacement is every 6 months.

Our biodegradable portable water bottle has its own filter replacements, which includes the spout through which we drink our living energy pimag water. Each replacement contains two filters, and two spouts. An extra gives an easy, on the go replacement for hydrating pimag water any time, any where. Can autoship too.

The suggested filter replacement schedule is every 3 months, depending on the quality of the water you run through it, and how often you use your bottle.

… and there’s more!

We continue to carry the older water system replacement parts for the Aqua Pour, Aqua Pour Express, Optimizer, and the Countertop & Under Counter versions of the Pimag Water systems. They too are considered consumable and can be purchased on autoship for a discounted price.