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Kenko Dream Comforter


Just beyond the visible spectrum of light, is a wavelength somewhat longer than red light. Our bodies thrive in this electromagnetic energy that comes from the sun. However, when we are inside, and when we are sleeping, we do not receive any benefit from this energy. Our body actually craves perfect balance. The sun is part of that balance.

This amazing somewhat space-age blanket, is another component of the Nikken sleep system, designed with the magnetic Naturest Topper to create the environment to assist in deep REM sleep. The warming bioceramic reflective fibers of ambient light are sewn into the blanket. As Nikken says, the “Comforter can help keep you comfy and warm.” Reflecting the body’s heat into itself, allows the body to reach a thermal balance. In other words, the body becomes comfortable, (snuggly, warm) with the temperature in the room, and the temperature under the blanket.

Reflecting the body heat back into the body with the bioceramic reflective fibers, actually causes an alkalanizing effect on the pH of the body. Alkalanizing while you sleep. This is a huge benefit, that is also a passive outcome.

I have heard some call the Kenko Dream Comforter the marriage saver — strange, yah?! Well, actually not. The characteristics of this blanket as it reflects the body’s heat back into itself, is that it does that individually with each body under the comforter. While a one person may run warm, and the other person may run cold — it can cause that turmoil of sharing the blanket, steeling the blanket, kicking the blanket onto the floor, opening the window, tossing and turning and sleep fighting with the one who you are sleeping with. With all this commotion, neither person is getting any sleep to speak of, especially not the necessary deep REM sleep. With the Kenko Dream Comforter’s unique qualities, each person will be at their own comfortable temperature because of the thermal balances reached by each individual’s body’s heat reflection. Buy now.


Kenko Dream Light Comforter

We also have  a lighter version of the Kenko Dream Light Comforter. Buy now.