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Eternal Double Helix.

Healing at the Etheric Level

Whereby the metaphysical system is a blue print for physicality, the subtle body energies are the fundamental energies that form the matrix of life.

a. Sea Salt and Soda Scrub. This technique is useful in helping to remove disturbances in the etheric body which are caused by physical injuries, or energetic influences. Accidents, surgery, exposure to chemicals, pesticides, x-rays and blows to the physical body all respond very well to the scrub. This technique is also very good as a general maintenance program to counteract daily exposure to pollution, toxins, and stress.

b. Etheric Tune-Up. Once the disturbances in the etheric body are removed, this psychonoetic technique furthers the healing process with the metaphysical system at the etheric level. Working on the spiritual body, the imbalances in the subtle body energies are brought back into balance for overall health and wellness.

Links, Releasing Cellular Memory

Links are blocks in the energy system that stem from unresolved emotional exchanges that we have with people and events in our life. These unresolved energies “link” us to the experiences and the people involved, and result in a blockage in the etheric body. Awareness, understanding, and release of these links dissolves the blocks, and the healthy energy pattern is restored.

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