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PiMag Waterfall recreates living alkaline restructured water the way nature intended
Portable Water Bottle with Filter
Filtered Water Bottle
pimag shower filter
Pimag Shower System
Filters and Parts
Filters and Components
Water Pack Wall Mount
Water Pack 1 with Wall mount MicroJet


Our stark reality is, there really is no water that is pure any more.  What we have, provides a multi-stage filtration. Starting with a sponge and charcoal, it is comparable to other filters on the market. But then we add azeolite, which takes out heavy metals, bacteria and pharmaceuticals. We further this filtration process by adding back natural minerals, running the water over the rocks in the system. Finally the water flows through a magnetic field. This magnetic field breaks down the water clusters into single H2O chains. The final product, Nikken’s PiMag water is living energy water. Meeting NSF standard, the water is also free of pesticides, herbicides and pharmaceuticals. The Fe2Fe3 in pi water participates in this type of energy transmission found in this photo:

Living Energy PiMag Water
Living Energy PiMag Water