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KenkoGround helping get grounding while staying indoors

The KenkoGround is a grounding pad that allows us to reconnect to earth’s natural energy. The wonderful design of the quilted material provides an exposure to the earth’s grounding energy, that is soft to the touch. The energy itself has replicated some of the feeling that I have experienced out in nature. For example, you know how good it feels to go outside and walk barefoot on the grass?

Of course you do.

I also feel this good when I am walking on the beach at the ocean, or when I am walking barefoot anywhere in nature. This is the natural way of grounding: get barefoot, go outside and walk on the bare earth.

We have gotten away from this, as we have laid cement and asphalt down, built houses, and stayed indoors as a part of modern living. Over time, the body misses the influence of this natural energy. It is yet another way that my body can feel yucky, which I have found is the absence of this grounding energy.

By adding this product to my wellness home, I am now receiving the benefit of grounding without going outside.

Of course, for me – there is not a replacement for being outside and enjoying nature. But, this is how I help myself feel grounded, peaceful and calm while I am indoors.

I have added mine to my sleep system. I plug it into the grounding port of the electrical outlet, and lay it across my bed chest level, so that at night I rest my bare skinned arms and hands upon it, to immediately receive the calming effect. Amazingly, I have felt my body’s relaxation and decompression from a full day’s work. It’s as if the accumulated day’s stress, tension, and worry just melts away as I close my eyes, and go to sleep. I feel great, so good that it’s as if no time has passed while I am asleep, and I awaken refreshed & ready for the day.

Another way that I have used my KenkoGround, is placing the pad across my lap while I am working on my computer. I can set my bare hands upon it while I work. The pad has helped me not have so much angst while working, and it has helped me keep my shoulders from ooching up to my ears from all the angst.

I just feel good after each use, just like I have been barefoot outside.