It is most definitely a wonderful life. Today is a really good day, and I am so happy and grateful that you are here. Simply choosing wellness is not just about creating the wellness home with Nikken product technologies. Simply choosing wellness also includes choosing to take care of yourself in all areas of life. A colleague of mine talks about “Self Care Matters”, and I concur 100%. Here, you will find the Nikken Wellness Home, and you will also find my services. As a Certified Massage Practioner for 21 years, and an energy doswer, taking care of ourselves includes letting go of what we are holding onto, both physically, and also energetically. I learned from my mentor that the 5 pillars of health associated with the company I am partnered with, Nikken’s Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Family, Healthy Society and Healthy Fincances are even older than Nikkens 45 year old wellness reputation. These pillars go back to Chinese heritage and are a part of an ancient medicine wheel. We need work with all of the pillars, to simply choose wellness, and to live a life in balance. My newest addition, is my financial services. It is a pleasure to serve you for the highest good of all concerned. I look forward to our wellness journey together.

Wellness Homes with Debbie

Welcome to Nikken Products and the Nikken Wellness Home

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Beautiful home right? This may or may not be true on the inside. In this day and age, we are discovering that our homes are making us sick. We are being exposed to toxins alarmingly in our homes, where we are suppose to be safe, and feel safe. We can feel yucky, and not even realize it is what is in our homes that’s causing it. We are discovering that what we cannot see, can hurt us. And, it is simple to look to nature to feel better. 

The good news is, there is a solution:

We are bringing nature’s natural energies into our homes to create

The Nikken Wellness Home – A Self Care Sanctuary


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