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PiMag Sport Bottle

Portable Water Bottle

Why pay for expensive bottled water, when PiMag water costs less and is better? The PiMag® Sport Bottle is the clean, economical and intelligent alternative to commercially bottled water. Green technology creates this biodegradable non-plastic bottle.

Public concern is rising on the subject of what municipal water supplies may contain. This has encouraged sales of commercially bottled water, but many popular brands of bottled water are simply tap water that has been treated. The average retail price of popular bottled water products, based on a national price survey, equals $2 – $5 per gallon. PiMag water costs only a few cents per gallon.

Nikken’s Water-bottle provides pure and delicious water through  ‘nano-filtration’ – removing the ‘bad’ and adding alkalinity, structure, magnetic qualities, and the miracle of ‘piwater’    –all in a bottle that is made from biodegradable plastic plus the convenience of healthy refreshment anywhere from your own bottle.

Novak Djokovic Wilmington Champion shown with his Nikken Sports bottle! The word is getting around how Nikken products improve both health and performance!