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KenkoGround – Grounding, Earthing

Grounding. Earthing a.k.a. Connecting with the Mother Earth.

There is nothing new about this concept, only new to the consciousness of this era. Earthing is the latest buzz word, and it simply means the connection between the earth and the human body, when we touch it with our bare skin. The same as earthing, grounding is putting the body in direct contact with the earth. It really becomes obvious that our bodies love being outside, barefoot, and in nature by how we feel while doing it. Being more specific, I love the way I feel when I am barefoot, walking down the beach on the edge of the ocean waves, frothing on the sand, and I cannot get enough of it.

Reaping the benefit of the electrons that we exchange from the surface of the earth, simply by walking barefoot on it. The earth is magnificent, we have a connection that we share with the planet, literally. When we put on our shoes, walk into our homes & offices, get into our cars, we no longer are connected, and are no longer receiving the direct physical contact that our body loves. In fact, the influence of this natural energy helps us feel good. Feeling good translates into feeling happy. I connect every day, and am so grateful for the KenkoGround that helps me when I am in my home, or at my office. I cannot express how important it is to stay connected all day, and all night long. I love this energetic connection to the earth, and the side effects of feeling good & happy, from the nourishing energy.