We create our tomorrow by what we choose today. Common sense wellness is simple, maybe not easy. Your choice … be healthy by choice, not by chance.

Everyday Choices

I feel the biggest head to heart drop that I am having in my life right now is the idea to “do something today that my future self will like”. This statement has me reeling on all the choices I can make in a single day that can be a good outcome for my future self or a not so good outcome for my future self. Simple things like drinking 1/2 of my body weight in ounces of water per day, just to be hydrated. Getting 6-8 hours of sleep. Exercising at least 30minutes per day. All of these vital daily habits over time, add up to a healthy future self. I don’t think much of not getting enough water at the end of a day, or not getting enough sleep last night — but when I get to thinking that if I keep not choosing to complete these vital daily choices, every day … my future self is going to end up dehydrated, irritable, and headed to physical, emotional and mental dis-ease. For example, conditions like osteoporosis would not be something I get because I am old; I realize the condition is my body’s response to not taking care of it when I was younger. Today, I continue to form positive habits choosing to be healthy by choice, not by chance with active wellness.