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Alkaline, Restructured, Ionized, PiMag Water

I know this has been said before, and I have heard it said, but this thought is becoming more and more real, as we become perhaps more painfully aware. The conscious thought is, “Water, water everywhere, but is it fit to drink? ”

This is the question of our lifetimes. And, rightly so.

There is no new water!! We live in a closed system, and the water does not go anywhere. Specifically, I am talking about the natural water cycle of our hydrosphere, whereby the main parts is a continuous process – evaporation, condensation, precipitation. A cycle, that goes over and over and over. The earth warms, the water evaporates and rises into the atmosphere, cools and condenses into clouds, and falls back to earth as precipitation.

You might say, who cares?

I feel it is vital to care about the quality of our water. We have compromised our planet, and our water is not immune to our carelessness. As stewards of this beautiful planet we call Mother Earth, we are falling short of taking care of it so that our children, (and the next 7 generations), have as beautiful of a world as we live in today.

As modern times have unfolded, we are putting more and more toxins into our skies, which run into our water, not to mention the chemicals, pesticides, and other waste in our waters, as well as prescription drugs and many other various forms of pollution. Never have we seen this kind of damage. As our natural water cycle provides, the water falls through polluted skies, picking up heavy metals, and runs across lands that we are poisoning with modern living.  Harvesting the water, we run it through pipes which takes out the light energy, and picks up the contaminants, including the rust that we have in our pipes that we are plumbing our homes with. This has become common news:

Here is a 5-minute interview with Erin Brokovich, an environmental activist that exposed this toxic dilemma:

YUCK!! Some have said that water also has a memory, so it remembers where it was last. This is double yuck to me. And, then we chlorinate, and use other forms of filtration to attempt to recapture the vital energy of our water. Without putting back some of nature’s natural characteristics, we end up drinking water that is dead, an insulator (like in a car battery) instead of a conductor of our body’s natural processes.

To know this, and to take action to change the quality of our water is a very good idea. Filtration is a very good place to start, taking out the bad stuff. But, if I just use the chlorination as an example, and liken it to bleaching my hair or taking antibiotics, the bleach takes out all the color. That’s what makes it white. The antibiotics take out all the bacteria, good and bad. They take out everything, just like the chlorine does to our water.

For optimizing our water, we must also put back in the good stuff. As you have read on my water page, our body likes to be slightly alkaline. In our waterfall, and other water products, the bioceramic reflective fibers of ambient light within the water delivery system, adds back what is needed to create this desired pH. This phenomena is what naturally occurs when water in nature is exposed to sunlight, like in a creek or a stream.

Water molecules have a tendency to cluster, making the water molecules too big to absorb. The delivery system also creates magnetized, restructured water molecules so that they are returned to the size the body can absorb. Amazing!! Then, the water runs over the stones inside the system to replace trace minerals … The waterfall is an absolute genius at recreating what we have compromised. A friend of mine says, “I have my own waterfall in my home, and I get to drink from it every day.” We have to make choices, but I have found that I make better choices when I take the time to learn what they are. My choices become clear when I have enough information to make a decision. Please don’t hesitate to call or text for any reason. For me, simple makes the most sense – we take out the bad stuff, and put back in the good stuff. Yummy!!

Another friend reminds me, water is not a beverage choice. It is required – Up to 60% of the human body is water. The brain and the heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. When I am not drinking 1/2 of my body weight in ounces of water a day, I am dehydrated. It doesn’t mean I need more fluids, it means I need WATER. Fluids in the general sense are not hydrating. Water is the only way to be hydrated

Our bodies love Alkaline, Restructured, Ionized, PiMag Water.