Alkaline, Restructured, Ionized, PiMag Water

I know this has been said before, and I have heard it said, but this thought is becoming more and more real, as we become perhaps more painfully aware. The conscious thought is, “Water, water everywhere, but is it fit to drink? ”

This is the question of our lifetimes. And, rightly so.

There is no new water!! We live in a closed system, and the water does not go anywhere. Specifically, I am talking about the natural water cycle of our hydrosphere, whereby the main parts is a continuous process – evaporation, condensation, precipitation. A cycle, that goes over and over and over. The earth warms, the water evaporates and rises into the atmosphere, cools and condenses into clouds, and falls back to earth as precipitation.

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KenkoGround – Grounding, Earthing

Grounding. Earthing a.k.a. Connecting with the Mother Earth.

There is nothing new about this concept, only new to the consciousness of this era. Earthing is the latest buzz word, and it simply means the connection between the earth and the human body, when we touch it with our bare skin. The same as earthing, grounding is putting the body in direct contact with the earth. It really becomes obvious that our bodies love being outside, barefoot, and in nature by how we feel while doing it. Being more specific, I love the way I feel when I am barefoot, walking down the beach on the edge of the ocean waves, frothing on the sand, and I cannot get enough of it.

Reaping the benefit of the electrons that we exchange from the surface of the earth, simply by walking barefoot on it. The earth is magnificent, we have a connection that we share with the planet, literally. When we put on our shoes, walk into our homes & offices, get into our cars, we no longer are connected, and are no longer receiving the direct physical contact that our body loves. In fact, the influence of this natural energy helps us feel good. Feeling good translates into feeling happy. I connect every day, and am so grateful for the KenkoGround that helps me when I am in my home, or at my office. I cannot express how important it is to stay connected all day, and all night long. I love this energetic connection to the earth, and the side effects of feeling good & happy, from the nourishing energy.

  Click here to watch this “Down To Earth” documentary, “The Science of Grounding” December 2017


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The Law of Attraction

Happy Father’s Day. So many of my colleagues, and friends really understand the law of attraction. We are given freedom of choice, but we are not free from the consequences of that choice. Sometimes, it’s really easy to just keep picking the same things over & over (expecting different results.) This is insanity, defined by Albert Einstein. Good news is, we can change our minds, stop practicing insanity, by changing our choices – then it’s practice, practice, practice. It means doing it every day. Know this, it takes 21 days to create a new habit. Today a friend of mine said, “write your own prescription — make a plan: I am going to do this, so I am not doing that.” One thing is for sure, it is of the utmost importance to be certain we know what we want out of our lives. Sitting still & visualizing with our imagination, writing, making vision boards, creating affirmations  – all with passionate positive emotions, begins this law of attraction … if it is to be, it is up to me.

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Everyday Choices

I feel the biggest head to heart drop that I am having in my life right now is the idea to “do something today that my future self will like”. This statement has me reeling on all the choices I can make in a single day that can be a good outcome for my future self or a not so good outcome for my future self. Simple things like drinking 1/2 of my body weight in ounces of water per day, just to be hydrated. Getting 6-8 hours of sleep. Exercising at least 30minutes per day. All of these vital daily habits over time, add up to a healthy future self. I don’t think much of not getting enough water at the end of a day, or not getting enough sleep last night — but when I get to thinking that if I keep not choosing to complete these vital daily choices, every day … my future self is going to end up dehydrated, irritable, and headed to physical, emotional and mental dis-ease. For example, conditions like osteoporosis would not be something I get because I am old; I realize the condition is my body’s response to not taking care of it when I was younger. Today, I continue to form positive habits choosing to be healthy by choice, not by chance with active wellness.

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Well … it is official

Well … it is official that the best way for me to put myself out there, and share with the world just what I am doing these days, is to begin, and continue a blog … I would like to begin with a recording of my Nikken story. This is going to be an adventurous journey, and I am so happy you will be joining me along the way.

Listen to my story by clicking here. Be sure to click and open the mp3 file.



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Hello world!

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